Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hungry? Grab a Crab! :)

Been working hard? Give yourself a regal treat at Grab a Crab! :)

We recommend Grab a Crab for three reasons: (1) the area is very welcoming; (2) the personnel are courteous and helpful, and; (3) the restaurant offers a variety of sumptuous meals.

Clean and cosy
The restaurant has a good ambiance. When we came inside, we immediately noticed the large glass “tablets” attached on the restaurant’s walls which featured quotes on love, relationships and life in general. We also noticed how fancy and varied their chairs were. They had black leather chairs with tall backs and soft cushiony arms for an executive feel and long red chairs for those who may want to sit close in threes or fours.
The walls can speak!
True love stories never have endings. Richard Bach

The restaurant is also clean and spacious. The personnel make sure that used utensils and leftovers are immediately taken away before the next customers come. There are also spaces in between tables enough for customers and personnel alike to pass through with ease.
the interiors of Grab a Crab

The restaurant also makes use of a good combination of natural and artificial light. The curtains are raised before and after noontime to make use of the sunlight. At noontime, the curtains are down and “yellow” lights are turned on to have that relaxing feel.

Because they are happy to serve you
The personnel are also very friendly and courteous. When we came to dine at Grab a Crab, we were welcomed with two personnel who greeted us with smiles. They also helped us find a comfortable place to sit in. After we have seated, the waiters came in to show us their menu. They were very patient in answering our questions about the dishes they offered. They also served our orders relatively fast.

A variety of delicacies
Grab a Crab offers a variety of meals. Contrary to what people believe, this restaurant offers more than just crabs or sea foods. They also serve chicken, pork and beef. But none should leave this place without trying their crab meals. To tell you, they really taste superb!!! They also feature different refreshing drinks aside from the canned ones they offer.
they serve chicken, too!
deep fried crab
mixed veggies with sea food served smoking hot!

The place mats used in Grab a Crab feature educational information about crabs.
Grab a Crab's place mat

While the meals in Grab a Crab are quite expensive, we assure you that it will be worth every peso you pay.  Moreover, the meals come in big servings (good for three or four) so it’s definitely worth it.

Grab a Crab is conveniently located at the 3rd floor of Abreeza Mall, Davao City.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spotlight on Camiguin: The Island Born of Fire

For our first travel post, Vew and Jervee bring you the stunning island ofCamiguin!
As a trivia, the island is dubbed as theIsland Born of Fire because volcanoes abound the island. Nothing to worry though as these volcanoes are dormant. :)

We  recommend that you visit Camiguin for three good reasons: (1) all tourist spots in the island are relatively close to each other; (2) the residents of the island are very friendly and accommodating, and; (3) the island abounds with magnificent natural sceneries and rich cultural history.

Just short rides away
The tourist spots in the island are not too far from each other, the island being small. That’s why we recommend Camiguin to travellers who want to spend more time on relaxation than hiking or riding or to those who are on vacation for a limited period of time; all you have to do is just to ride on a tricycle or a rented automobile or drive your own car for that matter and tour from one destination to another in just a few minutes.

With courtesy and love
The people in Camiguin are unbelievably kind and accommodating. When we came in there, we had difficulty finding a place to stay. The people gladly assisted us. That was really a great relief! They also seemed to be very knowledgeable of the island and the tourist attractions therein. So if you get confused with your map or what your brochures are telling you, you may just ask a local randomly and I’m pretty sure s/he can definitely help you out. The chances of you spending time finding places will certainly be reduced with these people around.

Perhaps the best part of your trip to Camiguin is the natural beauty that is in the island. True, these tourist spots are not your urban-like pools, 5-star beach resorts or what have you. But the tourist spots are all natural and breath-taking. With minimal human interference, you would surely love how these spots are taken care of. These tourist spots include the Sto. Nino Cold Spring, the Katibawasan Falls, and the famous White Island.

Trippers flock to see the majesty of the Katibawasan Falls

THE Katibawasan Falls

some random dude at the Katibawasan Falls :)

Sto. Nino Cold Spring

Mt. Hibok-Hibok from the White Island

The island of Camiguin also boasts a rich history as evidenced by old church ruins and other edifices. And mind you, these structures existed even before your parents were born!

ruins of an old church

another ruin of an old church

aging with grace

We also passed by the Sunken Cemetery although we didn't have the guts to ride on the boats therein to come closer to the site.

the Sunken Cemetery

Finally, along the highway are small souvenir stores where you can buy items for officemates, family and friends who did not come along with you in your trip.

souvenir items

manang vendor and her reasonably priced shirts

manong vendor drying the ink on the bracelets

Camiguin is truly one of a kind. Be sure to consider it as your next travel destination!